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About Life Long Learning

Lifelong Learning

In order to enhance its service, Craigavon Intercultural Programme has participated in a series of study visits to other European States and exchange programmes to order to study diverse means of tackling social disadvantage, develop learning and share expertise These activities have been supported by Eccorys Lifelong Learning programme financed by the European Union.


CIP has engaged in the following actvities.


March 2011 - Grundtvig Placements with CIP.

CIP is currently hosting two quality commitement training placements on a 10-week programme. The two participants, Marco Moura & Marisa Coelho, come from Northern Portugal where they studied in the Escola Professional de Fafe and will be working in an office setting with CIP and gaining experience in an intercultural organisation.


May 2011 Senior Volunteering Project to Portugal.

This is an exchange programme which will be carried out over a 2 year period and in which CIP will partner with a faith group in Alto do Moinho in Almada. In the first stage of the programme, six volunteers from CIP's Women's World project will spend 3 weeks in Portugal in order to develop a family support programme. In 2012, Portuguese volunteers will spend 3 weeks in Portadown when they will be incorporated into the CIP programme at a local level. (For updates and developments in this project go to news)


Jan 2011 Preparatory Visit to Portugal.

The purpose of the visit was to study projects performed by the Benfica Foundation in Lisbon in the area of sport development which targets disadvantaged young people in deprived areas. The other partner in this proposal is Sports development Dept of the University of Madrid.


2010 Preparatory Visit to Portugal - Senior Volunteering Project

The visit was to assess the possible cooperation between CIP and a community group near Almada in southern Portugal . A Senior Volunteering Project was subsequently approved and the CIP volunteers will participate in a 3 week visit to Portugal in May 2011 with the aim of setting up projects similiar to CIPs in Portugal.


2010 Study Visit to Hungary.

The purpose of the visit was to participate in a multi-cultural group that travelled to Budapest to study the integration of Roma Children and the various methods used by the Roma Education Fund to address the social disadvantage faced by Roma in education.


2009 Preparatory Visit to the One Stop Shop in Lisbon,

Portugal to study how the Portuguese Government manages its immigration programme